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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Battle in England

An interesting and somewhat unplanned stop on our trip was the town of Battle, which is the place of the Battle of Hastings, which was the culmination of William the Conqueror's Norman invasion.
Battle is a cute older town that offers some great buildings, restaurants, and pubs.
But the main reason to stop is to see the ruins of Battle Abbey and the Battle of Hastings site.
It starts with a nice walk around the grounds to see the important parts of the attack and actual battle of William and King Herold.Don't you just love our lovely sneakers and the audio guides around our necks?!Their is currently a boys private school on the site... but originally it was just an open field after which the new King William asked an Abbey to be erected and this is what remains.. (one of the most famous castles William ordered built was the Tower of London)

The breadth of the battle field.
And Camron conquering the battle hill!

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