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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bath Times Two

Next stop in Bath was the Abbey, which was right next door to the Roman Baths. It's a 500 year old Gothic style church and has beautiful fan vaulting inside.
There are many interesting carvings on the outside. Take for example the two below, notice anything about the one on the left? That's Peter.
Did you notice that he's shorter than the guy on the right? He lost his head at some point.
Now look below at this picture, they re-carved his head out of the remainder of his beard...looks a little creepy to me! You can also see the large space that's open above his head. The next carvings are some angels coming down ladders on either side of the door.
Here's a closer look.
And the beautiful fan vaulted ceiling.
This church has a ton of great stained glass, but this was the only decent picture I got. These windows depict 52 scenes from Christ's life.
On to other interesting sights in Bath, are some that you might have seen in movies. The Royal Crescent, a large row of Georgian "condos" built in the late 18th century during Bath's heyday.
Then the Circus, another Georgian set of building, but in a circular shape around a courtyard.
And check out this crazy large tree in the middle of the Circus.

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