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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HMY Royal Britannia

Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia is the now retired Royal Yacht of the Queen. It's moored in the Edinburgh area, converted to a museum and we got the chance to tour it.

You'll probably be overwhelmed with pictures, but this was one of the first and only things we visited that allowed you to take pictures throughout the entire space. So I went a little snap happy.
The Yacht was launched in 1953 and was originally being planned by the Queen's father, but upon his death she took over the plans. Therefor the designs of the interior, fabric and such are all her personal taste and she wanted this to feel like a country home.
You might know the Britannia as the boat Princess Di and Prince Charles used for the Honeymoon.

The Sun Lounge
The all important Rum Barrell
The Queen's Bedroom
Prince Phillip's Bedroom A mid-way stop for tea.The State Dining Room
The State Drawing Room
The Crew Quarters (over 230 crew)
The Crew's Bar The Hospital Wing
And the Laundry Area for all that crew.

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