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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Queen's House (one of them at least...)

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Windsor Castle is one of many principle residents of the Queen of England, but it's probably the one most frequently stayed in by her Majesty. It's just a short hour train ride outside of London and a great side trip if you have the time.
It's also the largest castle that's lived in today and the oldest part dates back to William the Conqueror.

The majority of the area you get to tour is the grounds and the State Apartments. Which are the entertaining areas of the castle when she has state dignitaries or balls she's hosting. Those areas are in the buildings in this picture. Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures inside for you!The round tower in the middle of the picture is the original part built of the castle and is on an artificial mound. By looking at the top of that tower you can see a flag.
And that flag will help you figure out if the Queen is home that day. This flag which is her standard indicates that she was there on our visit that day. If not the Union Jack will be flying.

I don't know why but I love all their lights with their fancy colors and decorations...I wonder if these would look good in front of our condo?Some of the beautiful gardens that are at the base of the round tower. The British certainly know how to garden!St. George's Chapel is also on the premises and is the main place of worship at the Castle. It's also home to the Order of the Garter which is the principle order of Knights for which people like Prince William, Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill have been or are members.

This is also the burial place for many royals, such as the current Queen's parents King George and the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother; King Henry VIII and one of his wives Jane Seymour among others.

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