Our journey as a pair of Texans learning British way of life.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Cotswolds

A couple weekends ago we had the opportunity to get out of the big city and explore some English country side. We headed out to the Cotswolds which are some of the most picturesque fairy-tail villages you'll see in England and can often be seen in movies.

First we had to pick up a car, and we had to go automatic to make it easier to be on the 'wrong' side of the road...we got lucky with this little Mercedes!

Cam getting used to driving on the right side of the car...

The great country side dotted with sheep and fields of rapeseed. Which is England's answer to our corn and bio fuel.
Hidden Castles

Quaint churches (Bridget Jones was filmed in this town)
Amazing thatched roofs, a dying art.

Country walks...

Homey pubs to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger.

And historical towns.
The Cotswolds are very much just an area of the country that you grab a car and pull over when you see something interesting. Or just park your car and make a walk between welcoming villages. It'll remind you of Jane Austen's books, nursery rhymes and the typical English garden.
It's a nice break from the bustling, busy city.


  1. I just finished Reading Bridget Jones Diary! Hans has driven in London before but I'm such a horrible back seat driver I don't think I want to get in a car with him while we're here!

  2. did you happen to see the thatched roof house that was used in the first HP movie? we went "tourist-style" on a tour and got to see that one (when Voldemort kills Harry parents...nerd out, for sure here) and I was so pumped! wish we could have done it your way instead...way better!