Our journey as a pair of Texans learning British way of life.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dog Days of our Summer

I miss my girl Princess so much... that I can't help but notice all the other cute dogs around me and want to run up and pet them all! But I can't unless I want to be the weird American!

So instead I've started snapping pictures.

A cute mutt outside Kensington Palace who was playing fetch and I caught at a bad time!

A handsome boxer getting a drink from the dog fountain in Hyde Park

Some Collies in the Cotswalds enjoying their morning off leash walk.

Resident westie and greyhound at Tower of London.


  1. We just arrived in Leeds yesterday (after attending a family wedding in Germany) and we're headed to London tomorrow in order to enjoy a long weekend of sight seeing. I've read your UK posts and have to laugh because we plan on hitting most of the places you've written about! We had also just been talking about Greenwhich Mean Time (I want to stand on it forever so I don't get any older!). We left our Wilbur (4 month old pitty) with my vet tech daughter and we miss him (Pitter Patter just posted a picture of him as he tried to stow away in our luggage)! I only wish the laws in the US were as dog friendly as those here in Europe. In Hamburg there was a woman with an unleashed German Shepard on the subway with us, and I love seeing dogs sitting on their owners laps in the local pubs.
    BTW, it would appear your Princess is being cared for very well!

  2. Do the dogs there bark with British accents? Just thought I'd ask...

  3. laura - just about every dog I see is off leash and behaving very well! I also swear I've seen some pit bulls here even though their 'banned'

    justinsbride - nah, it's kind of like when the British sing, their accents magically disappear!

  4. I was wondering about the ban here because I saw two pit bulls today. Both were very friendly females!!