Our journey as a pair of Texans learning British way of life.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Taste of Harrod's & London

If you know anything about Camron and I, you know we love food. And I mean love food. So it's natural that I take lots of pictures of it right?! Haha!

So, if you've ever been to London or love shopping, you know of Harrod's. I have to say I've been every time I've been to London and even on my fourth trip it still amazes me. Cam had never been the past times he's been in here. What guy wants to go shopping on 7 floors, 4.5 acres, and over 1 million square feet of luxury clothing, purses, jewelry, etc.?!

But when he saw the Food Halls of Harrods featured on the Food Network he knew he had to go. The following are only some of the cases from the 6 food halls.

Amazing looking cupcakes and don't miss the homemade whoopie pies on the left.
The olive bar, I'm sure you could make some yummy martini's with these Lauren!! Ahhh Haggas, who doesn't want a sheep's intestine stuffed with meat, spices, and oats?!
And what kind of luxury European department store would this be with our Krispy Kreme donuts?!
Our first night here, we both tried to go traditional, bangers and mash for Cam at the top and my fish and chips.

Cam's next traditional dish a meat pie...this one was chicken and he said it reminded him a lot of chicken pot pie.


  1. I love the olive bar!!!!!!!!! haha. I'm dying to go to Harrod's! I'm so jealous! If only we didn't have our honeymoon we could come visit! hehe. :)

  2. haggis isn't stuffed with just ANY meat...it's stuffed with the rest of sheep's internal organs. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


  3. nummers....the taste of decadence!