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Friday, May 21, 2010

A Taste of Home...

This post was going to be all about how I do my weekly(sometimes bi-weekly) grocery shopping.

I was going to take photos along the way so you could see the mile long walk I have to the closest full size store. I was going to take pictures of 'renting' the shopping cart, so you could see how I have to put a pound in to unlock it, then get the pound back when I turn it in. Then I was going to take pictures on the train as I carry bags to the stop and go one stop to get a little bit closer to home to cut out only a fraction of the walking.

So, umm, yeah I was a little embarrassed to whip out my camera doing all those things so you don't get that! Just the little story above and maybe one day I'll take pictures of it all.

But I did take a picture outside the store so you can see this wonderful place called ASDA that is the only large full size grocery store in the area that won't rob me blind, sounds like home right? Sounds like your friendly neighborhood super store right? Oh yeah, Wal-Mart has infiltrated the UK as well now. :o( And even though I refuse to shop there in Texas, I don't have much of a choice when I need a large selection of things.

Proof below...notice the blue wal-mart on the white sign, notice the 24 hours open, notice the black ASDA price guaranteed, looks familiar doesn't it? Thankfully, if I have to do the bi-weekly shopping (because you can only carry so many heavy bags in your hands when walking for ages) we have a much closer Tesco Express that has most items and I can run there a little quicker for the things I need.

In addition to the wally world experience yesterday, I was happy to make a taco kit our friend Jeff brought over for us. We also used the jalapeno flakes my ex-coworker gave me as a parting gift. So, walmart and tacos, our taste of home in London.
And kind of sad to say that this was the best tex-mex we've had our 3 weeks here. Thanks Jeff, thanks DeAnne!!

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  1. sounds like Aldi! mmm...texmex in europe...a delicacy!