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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Greenwich Mean Time

On our first full day in the city we decided to learn our a little more about our neighborhood, The Docklands, we knew it was a newer upcoming area and had heard part of it can be considered the Manhattan of London. There is plenty of still on-going development as well as lots of new office buildings, shopping, dinning, and housing.

It's right on the Thames and there is still plenty of history still visible from when it was mainly the center of London's shipping industry. These are some house boats nearby.

A view down the Thames back to The City, the taller buildings in the far background is the financial district where Cam's office building is and only about a 10 tube ride.

Here's some of the prettier more modern walkways and areas as you get closer to the new office buildings and such. This is where I plan on having my daily runs!
Now in the center of the Docklands, Canary Wharf, I didn't get any pictures of the buildings, all the modern ones look the same to me, but here's an interesting Streetlight don't you think?! And they say driving on the opposite side would be the hardest part...ha! Seriously though it's just some 'art.'

After walking around the area to familiarize ourselves with restaurants and such, we then headed south of the Thames to Greenwich. Technically a completely different city, but oh so close! Greenwich is the home of the old Royal Naval College, Queen Anne's summer home, and the Royal Observatory, from where all time is measured.

Here is the Royal Navel College and in the background through the middle, is the Queen's House. She ordered that when the school was being built that it not block her view of the Thames so the two sides and the beautiful court yard. To the left is the Chapel, still used for weddings today and to the right the painted hall. Both have been used multiple times for movies.

We stopped for a quick bite to eat at Trafalgar Tavern for lunch and a pint, Charles Dickens was a frequent visitor.
Then on to the Royal Observatory a long climb to the top of the hill (the Queen's House, Naval College, and Docklands big buildings in the background)

After a quick tour of the observatory we straddled the Prime Meridian...

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  1. Holy moly girl you are rocking that camera! Way to go! Thanks for the update- I've been stalking the site for an update : )
    Hope you are loving every minute of it.