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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Morning Run!!

Don't mean to brag...but this was the halfway point in my morning run today! I didn't plan on going that far, but I saw a sign when I was planning on turning around and just had to see how far it was.
It seems that this is a lot of Canary Wharf professionals mid-day run; as I saw, passed, and was passed by many, many runners who I assume were on their lunch break. Click the link below to see the route I took.

And I will fully admit I walked a good part of my way home, but still made really decent time for not knowing where I was going. For the route there you are running on the street, yet also running along the water when a foot path opens up. At one point from the cobbled streets, I took the foot path and saw the bridge rising up ahead of me and it kept me going until I reached it. So cool! I hope to run the full distance within a few more runs and then eventually pick up my pace.

(I'm working on getting this link to work for you, but I'm having trouble with the mapmyrun site.)
MapMyRun - Canary Wharf to London Bridge Run in Poplar, Gr

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