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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Destination Dover

Our next stop was Dover, we didn't have much on our plan there other than to see Dover Castle, which for many centuries has been a military fortification against invaders.

I did poorly with my camera here and didn't get pictures of the physical castle (maybe once you're seen one you've seen them all?!) ;o)

Instead pictures of the view from the high stand-point that the castle has over the cliffs. Can you see France in the distance? We think we did, but weren't quite sure. It's only 22 miles across the Channel.
A view of the city of Dover from atop the catle tower.
One of the best parts of the castle tour was the secret underground war tunnels from Napoleonic age when they expected Napoleon to invade and then later used again in WWII as a hospital and barracks. And to help against possible nuclear war, but later realised it wouldn't help. No pictures were allowed in there and the recreations and information aren't fully complete because all information about them other than the keys being handed over is still protected by their version of CIA information.
And of course Dover isn't complete without seeing the White Cliffs of Dover...chalk is what makes them white. And this was what made the digging of the tunnels fairly easy, but also hard to stabilize.
Without our dorky faces in the picture...

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